Laface & Decollete skin renew srcub


Q & A:

Q: Why choose Laface & Décolleté skin new scrub?

A: Laface & Decollete Skin Renew Scrub promotes cell renewal, It hydrates, It softens & smooth rough skin on the face, hands, and body. It helps boost collagen production, it helps fade marks on sun damaged skin, and, It is also great for getting rid of blackheads and blemishes. You will see & feel immediate results that gets better with continued use. It also protects the skin from free radicals.

Q: What makes Facials by Odette face and body scrub different from the rest? refer to ANSWER ABOVE.

(Laface & Décolleté skin renew scrub is not only anti-aging, but it is also great for most skin types INCLUDING OILY/ COMBINATION SKIN.)

NOTE: For very sensitive skin, please test on fore arm or a small area on the lower jaw.


(What's in it?)

Laface and Decollete face and young body scrubs are made with natural Ingredients; Including walnut shell powder, mint leaves essential oil, organic cane sugar, Bicarbonate, protects the skin from free radicals and many other benefits also listed above.


Comes in a 4oz. or more container.

You can request larger amounts.









Walnuts for skin is good as it is packed with B-vitamins that make them a great treat for your skin. Vitamin B is an excellent stress and mood manager. Lower stress levels mean better skin. Increased stress levels can result in earlier onset of wrinkles, thus inducing faster ageing. The presence of the B-vitamins, together with Vitamin E, a natural antioxidant, helps in fighting the free radicals induced due to stress.

Skin Care and Pimples: While mint oil is a good antiseptic and anti-pruritic material, mint juice is an excellent skin cleanser. It soothes skin, and helps to cure infections and itchiness, as well as being a good way to reduce pimples, and it can even relieve some of the symptoms of acne.

First, sugar is a natural humectant, meaning it draws moisture from the environment into the skin. So when you apply products with sugar or sugar derivatives, they'll actually help hydrate your skin and keep moisture within.

Secondly, sugar is a natural source of glycolic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that penetrates the skin and breaks down the "glue" that bonds skin cells, encouraging cell turnover and generating fresher, younger-looking skin. Glycolic acid is typically used to treat sun-damaged and aging skin.

• acts as a natural exfoliator
• does not clog pores
• helps eliminate blemishes
• restores balance to skin’s oils

Sugar contains glycolic acid, an alpha-hydroxy acid that is crucial for maintaining healthy skin.  The natural glycolic acid in sugar not only helps condition and moisturize skin, but protect it from toxins.

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